ADHD diagnosis of children, adolescents and adults

The diagnostic process consists of several stages, which we try to organize during one meeting. Many of you come to diagnostic meetings from outside Poznań. That's why we reserve for you 4-5 hours. The exception is examinations of children aged 5-15, which consist of several separate visits.

We start with a conversation, during which the psychologist-diagnostician conducts an interview in the field of diagnostically significant issues and observes the patient. She also familiarizes himself with the existing documentation. In order to organize the conversation, she may use the DIVA-5 questionnaire, although it is not necessary.

Adult examination

If the tested person is an adult, then after a thorough interview, we proceed to the use of structured diagnostic methods, which are neuropsychological tests verified for the ADHD diagnosis (including MOXO, selected tests from the Vienna Test System, classic neuropsychological tests that allow to assess 3 areas: attention, organization and impulsiveness) and individually selected questionnaires. This concludes the diagnostic meeting. The examination of an adult is supplemented by a conversation with a close person who knows the examined person well. With the consent of the examined person, on one of the following days, the psychologist-diagnostician contacts a family member by phone and collects the necessary information. The whole is subjected to a meticulous analysis and described in the form of a test result. Discussion of the test result is included in the cost of the diagnostic procedure and can be done in person, by phone or remotely.

Examination of a teenager from 16 years of age

If the examined person is an older teenager (from 16 years of age), the parent is usually present during the visit and the interview is part of the first diagnostic meeting. Then there is no need to make an appointment by phone. The whole procedure is divided into stages and takes place in one day. The condition is good psychophysical efficiency of the tested person. In case of disturbance, high fatigability or other factors affecting reliable results, the psychologist-diagnostician may propose an additional meeting date. During the interview with the parent, the teenager fills out the questionnaires, and then there is a change. It is the parent who completes the questionnaires about the child, and the psychologist and the teenager take the tests.

Examination of an teen aged 12-15

If the examined person is a younger child (12-15 years old), the diagnostic process is divided into hour meetings spread over time. The first is parental consultation. It will be followed by 2-3 meetings with the child. The whole process ends with a summary meeting with the parents and the transfer of the test results.

ADHD therapy

The offer of psychological therapy is addressed to all those seeking comprehensive support while dealing with the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Therapy is a basic form of support based on cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques. It is aimed at changing everyday behavior and reducing the severity of symptoms. The content and course of therapy is selected individually for each person. It can be an independent form of treatment, be a supplement to pharmacotherapy or a form of short psychoeducation.

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