Counseling and psychotherapy

200 PLN

English-speaking therapists conduct sessions for adults and adolescents.


First psychiatrist consultation in person or on-line

250 PLN

Diagnostic consultation with a psychiatrist.


Next psychiatrist consultation in person or on-line

200 PLN

Continuation of psychiatric treatment.


Diagnosis of an adult and older teenager for ADHD

1 500 zł

The process of psychological diagnosis for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders with a description of the results in English.
Average time: 4h - 5h.


Diagnosis of a child age 12 - 15 for ADHD

250 zł / appointment

Diagnosis of a child takes place during several meetings. The diagnostic process begins and ends with parents' consultation. The results are described in English.


E-prescription for treatment continuation with recommendations for the use of the drug

70 PLN
A copy of the documentation

0.35 PLN / page

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